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Private Web-Sites
This is another valuable service offered by Fisherbiz. To see how you can get subscription free Internet access, ridiculously inexpensive web site design, hosting and professional e-mail addresses:

Just e-mail CLICK HERE
or call Ron Fisher on 07771 992533

This ridiculously inexpensive website cost me £6.95 per page

OK £10 to you but it is still cheap and you can see how much I am making out of the deal.

Not only that but you get professional e-mail addresses thrown in.
Addresses like : or or


Process of creating a Business web-site.

  1. Registering the domain name should be done as soon as possible.
  2. Send your text and Pictures to my e-mail address I will then format 1 or more pages and place them on my own web-site for you to see and comment on with a view to editing. Once complete this site will be moved to your own site.
  3. Purchase of web hosting package, renewable annually, which will be your own space on the web in which to hold and display your web-site.

The cost of a basic package is £225 and is for one year, renewable annually and payable in advance.

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